DNA identification tests are used to establish identity and/or parentage. They represent an invaluable tool in cases involving the reunification of immigrants with their families by offering the ultimate proof attesting to the existence of family relationships. Orchid PRO-DNA is one of the few laboratories in Canada recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to perform DNA identification tests for immigration purposes.

Orchid PRO-DNA offers DNA tests to prove various family relationships:

  • father/child
  • mother/child
  • brother/sister
  • half-brother/half-sister
  • grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc.

Orchid PRO-DNA is renowned for its expertise and offers a high degree of accuracy. Our tests offer an accuracy of over 99.8% as required by IRCC. For more information on each test, please refer to their respective sections of this website.


Orchid PRO-DNA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for DNA analysis under the following programs: ISO 17025/CAN-P-4E "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories" and "SCC Requirements and Guidance for the Accreditation for Forensic Testing Laboratories".


To order an identification test for immigration purposes, you must provide us with a letter from IRCC stating which relationship must be established. We will refer you to one of our collection centres near you where you will be asked to present two pieces of valid identification (one of which must be a government-issued photo ID, ex. driver’s licence, medical card, etc.) and supply us with two (2) recent photographs (passport-size and quality), after which the samples will follow a strict chain of custody. We will also contact the Embassy for the other participant(s) of the test and provide them with all the necessary material for the DNA sample collection as well as instructions and consent forms.


Results of the test are obtained within 5 to 7 work days following the receipt of the samples at our laboratory. This does not take into account the time it takes to collect and ship the samples. Results are transmitted by mail or web portal (e-mail notice) to the sponsor and to IRCC.


The cost of the Immigration Test varies from case to case. Please contact us to obtain the cost for your specific case.


The DNA test is performed on a buccal swab sample (saliva). Since every cell of our body contains the same DNA, it is possible to extract each participant’s DNA from collected saliva cells and perform the requested genetic analysis. This simple, painless type of collection procedure yields results that are as reliable as blood sampling results. Moreover, it can be performed as easily on a newborn or child as on an adult.

All participants must complete and sign a release and consent form. In the case of a minor, the mother or the legal guardian must complete and sign the child's consent form. We do not conduct any tests without the knowledge of the parties concerned.

How to Order


Call us at (450) 901-3072 or toll-free at 1-800-565-4505.

E-mail or Fax

Fill out the following form and send it to us by e-mail at info@orchidproadn.ca or fax it to us at (450) 901-3082:

Legal DNA Test Application for immigration