Twin tests are often performed out of curiosity, but can sometimes also be useful for medical purposes. The Twin Zygosity Test can determine whether twins are identical or fraternal, since identical twins have the same genetic profile, whereas fraternal twins have profiles comparable to any other brother/sister relationships.

Private Option (Home Test)

The test is performed using samples collected at home, provided that you do not need the results of the DNA analysis for legal purposes (see below for our legally admissible option). Our laboratory will send you a sampling kit containing all the necessary material for the collection of the samples as well as instructions and consent forms.

If you need the results of the DNA test to be used in a legal context, Orchid PRO-DNA offers a service that ensures the admissibility of the test results in court. Simply contact us to make an appointment in one of our collection centres near you. For the results to be legally admissible, all of the participants must go to a collection centre, present official identification (must be government-issued, preferably with photo ID, ex. driver’s licence, medical card, etc.) and provide a photograph, after which the samples will follow a strict chain of custody.


Results of the test are obtained within 5 work days following the receipt of the samples at our laboratory. We also offer an accelerated service by which results may be obtained within 3 work days. Results are transmitted by mail or through our web portal (e-mail notice) to the eligible persons specified on the consent forms.


The Twin Zygosity Test includes includes a sampling kit, easy-to-follow instructions, a consent form and DNA analysis for two (2) participants (both twins).

Twin Zygosity Test $195 Order Now
Legal Option$170
Additional Participant$175
3-Day Service$250
Canadian dollars


The DNA test is performed on a buccal swab sample (saliva). Since every cell of our body contains the same DNA, it is possible to extract each participant’s DNA from collected saliva cells and perform the requested genetic analysis. This simple, painless type of collection procedure yields results that are as reliable as blood sampling results. Moreover, it can be performed as easily on a newborn or child as on an adult.

How to Order


Order online using our secure website. For the security of our customers, credit card information is transferred to the financial institution; Orchid PRO-DNA does not have access to credit card information.


Call us at (450) 901-3072 or toll-free at 1-800-565-4505.

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